Andrea Nechita





“We don’t always know why art calls to us.

The art we have around us everyday has a profound effect on us. It can uplift us, give us hope, help us re-center, relax our minds, or warm our hearts. Having a piece of art that connects with you is truly a special and wonderful feeling.

I feel joy every time someone falls in love with one of my works, and I am honored when my work is chosen to have a special place in someone’s home.

Before I created A.C. Nechita Fine Art, I was using art as my therapeutic outlet and creating works for my own home. Today, art is still my outlet, but now I share the joy of my creations with the world.

Using all of the lessons I’ve learned over the past decade, I create high quality and unique pieces of art for your home, for you & yours to love and enjoy for a lifetime.”



– Andrea Nechita, B.A., M.A., M.L.I.S

Owner and Founder of A. C. Nechita Fine Art



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A. C. Nechita Fine Art